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ARTIST TALK – Mehdi Aminian: The Woven Sounds, 10. Mai 2023

02 Mai 2023
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Mehdi Aminian (IRN)

The Woven Sounds – Exploring the singing cultures around carpet weaving in Iran

Mehdi Aminian is an Iranian musician and researcher. His research project focuses on the intangible cultural heritage surrounding the process of carpet weaving in Iran, created by the synergy of labour and artistic creation. It explores the unique style of work melodies that is closely intertwined with the weaving process – a vanishing knowledge.

Mittwoch, 10. Mai 2023, 12.30 Uhr, FLUX 2



06 Mrz 2023
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Link zum Heft   Textil_SS23

06 Mrz 2023
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Link zum Heft.     KKP_SS23

21 Feb 2023
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29 Nov 2022
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Angebot auch für alle kkp Studierende

29 Sep 2022
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mit Barbara GRAF & Christoph KALTENBRUNNER
in der Lehrveranstaltung Werklabor Wissen (DEX)
Dienstag 8.11. und Donnerstag 10.11.
jeweils 13h45 – 15h15

23 Sep 2022
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Link zum Heft tex_Heft_WS22

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