the plan b

14 Jul 2010
@ aktuell

plan b is a project by young artists working at the university of applied arts in vienna.

over the last six months they have been working together with imogen stidworthy in her seminar language and its borders. imogen invited the artists to develop an intervention or contribution to the exhibition ‚die lucky bush‘, to which the artists have responded in two ways: and plan b, the event.

plan b is an event at factor 44, taking place on 1st and 2nd june. plan b‘ will be a two day collaborative process focusing on installation, discussion and presentation of work. factor 44 will be open to the public on 2nd june from 14h – 21h. screenings and events are programmed between 18.30 and 20.30.

plan b is organised in collaboration with wouter van der hallen, lucas norer, ben van den berghe and supported by the university for applied arts in vienna.


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